Vangold Finance (VGD)

Vangold Finance is a Blockchain Company that powers one of the worlds first blockchain based Freelancer platform built on the Binance Chain Network.

About Vangold Finance (VGD)

VANGOLD is one of the worlds first blockchain-based freelancer platform on the Binance Chain network, working with 100% decentralized smart contract.

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Project and Postings

Create job postings, get offers, and get your dream project on the Binance Chain network.

Be Approver

Approver and confirm/refuse work pending verification and get VangoldToken (VGD) per job.

Store money in a smart contract

When you approve the offer, the work fee is sent to the smart contract and stored on the contract until you receive the job.

Earn VangoldToken (VGD).

Be Approver, approve/reject jobs that come to you and earn VangoldToken (VGD).


When the deadline set by the freelancer has passed, the money sent to the contract is automatically credited to your wallet

User Friendly interface

Vangold Services interface is easy to use and understand. It has smooth integrations that make it convenient to carry out transitions and scale your businesses


Q1 2021

Concept & community building.

Vangold Airdrop.

Vangold IDO Sale.

Vangold listing on pancake swap.

Smart contract audit.

Q2 2021

Vangold listing on Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.

Vswap token presale Launch.

Vswap platform Launch.

Vangold Farm Launch.

Vangold V2 IDO

Vangold V2 launch

Vangold V2 Integration on the Freelance platform

Vangold v1 - v2 transition

Vangold Freelance platform launch

Listing Vangold V2 on multiple exchanges

Q3 2021

Vangold (v2) listing on multiple exchanges.

Multiple Cross Chain Bridges.

Vangold Start-up Aggregator Launch.

Oracle integrations.

Q4 2021

Community Governance.

Vangold NFT's Launch.

Mobile App Launch.

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